About the Artist

Andrea receives Merit Award from judge Frits van Eeden at the 2014 Vision Art Show at the Viera Art Gallery.

Born in 1966, Andrea McKoy has always had a passion for art. Her first drawing on her Playskool Chalkboard can be seen here—and it has only snowballed from there.

She found she was always involved in art in many ways through her school years: Banners for events, yearbook cover and illustrations, sign painting, art show winner in middle, high school & college, commission paintings and murals.

After school she has been involved in many art related work positions—Visual Display Manager for a Burdines Department Store, founder of NoodlePetz pool toys and currently works as a self-employed Graphic Designer and artist.

Only within the last two years has she decided to take on art as a full-time endeavor. It has always been her passion to create and she is finally able to combine more than 20 years of graphic design experience with her artistic talent.

One subject that she cannot avoid in her art is horses—a recurring theme. She raised and showed horses as a youngster. Today she is revisiting that subject with a fierce passion and it shows! Take a look at her galleries and see for yourself how she captures the equine spirit with color and purpose. Enjoy!

Affiliations include American Academy of Equine Art, Orlando Museum of Art and Strawbridge Art League.

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